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Taking Notes in the Orchard

I can’t walk through the orchard without stopping once or twice to check a broken twig, a curled leaf or some other little thing I’ve noticed.  I like to catch any problems early and deal with them.  Every week...

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Late frost

Last night we had a hard frost, and it nipped a few tender plants and blossoms. As the sun eased over the horizon, I trudged out to the orchard, camera in hand to document the damage. The warmth of the morning sunlight already...

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Early blossoms

Apparently nobody told this young apple tree it didn’t have to bloom its first spring on site. The variety is William’s Pride. We planted it last November. Precocious, isn’t...

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Another armadillo hole

Last week’s armadillo adventure ended when it dived into this hole. It’s located in a thicket of locust saplings. Between the orchard and the strawberry bed. Now we have holes everywhere. Big holes. Little holes....

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