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Meet Number Nine!

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Meet Number Nine!

Nine years ago this week, I brought my first Jersey cow home to the farm. Not long after, she gave birth to a beautiful, mischievous heifer calf we named Rosalie. Our Rosie grew up and eventually replaced her mama as our family milker. She’s since gifted us with nine calves (including twins) and a whole
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The Land of Moo is written by Laura Phillips and Jessica Phillips, who live and work on a small farm at the edge of the Ozarks.

A former journalist, Laura is the author of seven novels and hundreds of articles published in newspapers, magazines, and online. She also blogs occasionally at Romancing The Yarn , and for several years, she kept a sporadic farm and garden journal at Real Dirt.

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Jessica received her bachelor of science in English in 2009 and now works as a freelance writer. Contact Jessica at

Birds and Beasts

Baby’s Here! Baby’s Here!

The week before Thanksgiving, Rosie the pregnant Jersey cow exhibited symptoms that made us worry about  another premature birth. So we moved her to the barnyard where she could bask in the afternoon sunlight and spend her nights in the safety of the barn — and more importantly, where we could more easily monitor her
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The mowing crew The mowing crew

The grass along the driveway was getting a bit tall, so I called the mowing crew.  They come pretty fast most of the time.  I just open the gate and yell ‘cow’ a few times. We’re a family friendly workplace.  We’re happy to let the young mothers in our employ bring their babies to work,
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A short strange cow tale A short strange cow tale

There I was, wandering around in the pasture, checking every tall stand of grass and cluster of brush for the day-old calf that was hiding somewhere out there in the pasture. And I saw this . . . Rosie apparently had a bad itch.  Her daughter, one of the twins from two years ago, helped
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A Bad Time For Transplanting A Bad Time For Transplanting

The peak of summer is the worst time for transplanting perennials.  If you’re even thinking about moving those flowers, herbs, or shrubs this month, take
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Good Eats Here

Healthy Veggie Pizza Healthy Veggie Pizza

Pizza is a family tradition at our house.   We’re particular about our toppings and crust, and harsh in our judgments about the not-quite-freshly-made pizzas sold at certain well-known chain restaurants.  Even though none of us have so much as a drop of Italian blood in our veins, we’re all pretty sure we know the secret
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Wild Things

The Honeybees Come Home The Honeybees Come Home

This spring a swarm of honeybees showed up and took over this aging hive in the edge of the woods at my neighbor’s farm.   It’s been several years since the previous inhabitants abandoned it.  They left for no clear reason that could be seen.  Bees do that sometimes, when the queen dies or is weak, or some
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Getting older Getting older

I wanted to write something profound, funny, pithy, and wise to explain my long absence from this blog.  Unfortunately, I’m not having a profound, funny, pithy, or wise season.  I’m simply feeling old and grumpy. It’s like this — twenty years ago I didn’t need glasses to read the copyright notice at the bottom corner
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