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The Skunk Chronicles

Every dog I’ve ever had learned about skunks the hard way — and in its own time. Dinah, the current young one, reached her time a few nights ago. She’s the black dog on the right, below. I hadn’t been...

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Not enough roses

The sweet, heavy fragrance of the early wild rose blossoms can’t cover the nasty odor from Bebe’s most recent skunk encounter. She tried rubbing it off in the grass, rolling in the straw, and rolling in the creek....

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A bad sign

At first I thought this hole under the stanchions in the old barn might be another armadillo bolt hole. The steady level of skunk odor indicates it’s probably the striped one’s...

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The neighborhood pest visited the barn last night. Black body, white stripe, you know the type. It missed me and three of the four dogs. Poor Blue guarded our retreat and took a blast to the muzzle. Hence the doggie bath scene....

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Deskunking formula

Blue didn’t like the soapy hair horns or the doggie mohawk either. Deskunking formula 1 pint hydrogen peroxide 1/4 cup baking soda 1 big squirt Dawn dishsoap Sponge on. Scrub well. Leave the mixture on the dog for at least...

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