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Tree skeletons

The woods here are greening.  In the understory the wild rose bushes, buckbrush, and honeysuckle vines are leafing out.  The willows and elms already have tiny leaves, and even the buds on the oaks are swelling.  Oddly, these...

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Day’s end at the pond

Tonight’s sunset provided the perfect close to a great day. Warm breezes, sunny skies, temperatures in the mid-60s, a perfect day for planting. We got the last two bundles of seedlings from the conservation department...

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Wildfire thoughts

This clearing is just across the creek from the house, maybe 150 feet away. It was all on fire when I arrived home from errands Tuesday afternoon. Fortunately a neighbor had already called the fire department, and they arrived...

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Burnt oak grove

West of the house, several acres of mature oaks border a tiny creek. That section now looks like this. The healthy trees should be fine, and I’m sure the undergrowth will recover nicely. Right now though, every step...

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