Two days ago we spotted a young 9-banded armadillo in the front yard at the farm. I’d have taken a picture, but who knew they could run that fast? I have no experience with armadillos, aside from counting roadkill in the southwest. Will they be garden pests? Must I learn a whole new pest deterrent system? Or do they just pass through and leave things alone?

This morning, back at the old house, my daughter and I thought we saw a mouse crossing the road. Nope. Baby snapping turtle. My 18-year-old, going-to-college-next-week daughter put it in a cup with some grass and is researching snapping turtle care. I’m thinking of sneaking in while she’s asleep and swiping it so I can turn it loose down by the creek. That’s what I used to do with her toads & frogs when she was little.