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Meet Cocoa

Dec 21st, 2009 | By | Category: Birds and Beasts

Cocoa likes her dark, sheltered corner in the barn stall.

Cocoa came into our lives on a bitterly cold morning when the wind gusted  through the trees and chilled every living creature to the bone.  Weeks premature, she seemed barely alive when I found her.  She’s stronger now, and I finally feel safe in sharing her with you.   Here are some pictures to get you started.  Check back tomorrow for more, and for the rest of Cocoa’s story.  And yes, the rumors are true.  I really did bring a bovine into the bathroom.

LauraP feeds Cocoa her morning bottle.

LauraP feeds Cocoa her morning bottle.

Look at that face!

Look at that face!

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4 Comments to “Meet Cocoa”

  1. The Genius Husband says:

    Hey, is that product placement?!?

    “Aquafina, the brand recommended by 9 out of 10 bottle fed calfs”

  2. The Genius Husband says:

    BTW, I take credit for teaching her how to moo… and stand up….

  3. Heather Snow says:

    LOL…Aquafina product placement.

    This post made me think of 2 things:

    1. My toddler got to bottle feed goats this fall at DeeAnna Rose Children’s Farmstead…the goat bit him. Drew blood and everything!

    2. We raised a duck in our bathtub once when I was in high school…not quite a cow, but since we only had one bathroom, it was fun 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, Laura!

  4. admin says:

    Heather – Wow, poor Drew! That must have been scary for him. I don’t recall any of our bottle kids drawing blood, though one would mistake a finger for a nipple now and then and suck hard. We had more trouble with them butting.

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