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Another armadillo hole

Last week’s armadillo adventure ended when it dived into this hole. It’s located in a thicket of locust saplings. Between the orchard and the strawberry bed. Now we have holes everywhere. Big holes. Little holes....

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Armadillo wars

Another skirmish today, and the armadillo lived to dig another day. The dogs spotted our resident armadillo early this evening when we headed out to escort the cow back to her stall in the barn. As usual, it leaped, bounced,...

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Out of reach

The burrow. I could hear a ‘whump, whump’ sound from the armadillo when I leaned close, but it was too far down the hole to see it. For more about armadillos, click here and here. Or here for some intriguing pictures...

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Armadillos, snappers, oh my

Two days ago we spotted a young 9-banded armadillo in the front yard at the farm. I’d have taken a picture, but who knew they could run that fast? I have no experience with armadillos, aside from counting roadkill in the...

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