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Frost thoughts

Every time there’s a frost advisory in the forecast I pick all the roses in bloom.  Just in case.   If I didn’t, and I woke up to find the blossoms frost-kissed, browning, spilling their ruined petals on the ground ....

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Signs of spring . . . and snow?

The roses began to leaf out on the north side of the house, and the wild ones in the woods did the same.  Daylilies and irises sent forth new shoots.  The chickens rejoiced . . . and ate the shoots.  The air felt warm.   It felt...

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Not enough roses

The sweet, heavy fragrance of the early wild rose blossoms can’t cover the nasty odor from Bebe’s most recent skunk encounter. She tried rubbing it off in the grass, rolling in the straw, and rolling in the creek....

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