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Frost thoughts

Nov 12th, 2009 | By | Category: Garden


Every time there’s a frost advisory in the forecast I pick all the roses in bloom.  Just in case.   If I didn’t, and I woke up to find the blossoms frost-kissed, browning, spilling their ruined petals on the ground . . . well, I might have to cry.  Then the dogs would get upset.  They couldn’t concentrate on their jobs, and the morning routine would go haywire.  The cattle would dance in the feed bunk.  The sheep would run amok.  The geese probably would organize a mutiny and lead a feathered regiment to storm the feedroom and commandeer the cracked corn supply.

It’s just simpler to pick the flowers.

Frost on the white heath daisies

Frost on the white heath daisies

This time, the roses would have been safe without my help.  Not so for some of the wildflowers blooming out in the orchard. 


The chickweed in front of the greenhouse is tougher.  It wore its frost coating until the sun touched the leaves, then grew another two inches that afternoon.  (Not really.  Sometimes it just seems like it grows that fast.)

Strawberry leaves among the weeds

Strawberry leaves among the weeds

The strawberries haven’t yet succumbed, and that’s good.  I haven’t had time yet to finish weeding the strawberry patch.  That’s easier to do when you can see the plants.

Frost melting off a cabbage seedling

Frost melting off a cabbage seedling

I had extra seedlings leftover from the winter plantings in the greenhouse.  Extras are good for experimenting.  I planted about thirty extra kale, cabbage and broccoli plants close to the greenhouse where it’s easy to toss a spun-bond polyester blanket over the patch for extra protection during cold snaps.  I like to see just how tough these plants are, and what I learn helps me better manage the garden and stretch the growing season.   I don’t expect them to make it through the entire winter.  I don’t expect to harvest much of a crop.  But the space was unused, and I had the plants.  Why not put them to use and see what new season extending tricks I can learn?

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  1. Peggy Reed says:

    The chickweed is beautiful with the frost blessing is leaf edges. Love the visual of what happens if Laura cries in front of the animals.

  2. The Genius Husband says:

    Definately need to keep an eye on the Geese…..

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