Tubby Bunny Foofoo and mama.
Photo by LauraP

Yes, it’s a dumb name. But hey, if you can’t have fun and be goofy around the barn, what’s the point? Usually we don’t name the kits from the meat rabbits, but this one’s an only — only one in the nest, only baby bunny in the barn. So cute. So soft. Quiet, with big curious eyes that are just too hard to resist.

So why is he an only? Inexperienced mother rabbits sometimes have problems when delivering their first litter. This one gave birth to four very large kits (baby rabbits), but only one survived. Mother rabbits have very rich milk. This little guy gets it all to himself, so he’s growing incredibly fast. He’s also becoming incredibly spoiled.

Yesterday, Jennifer tucked a rag into her purse, then tucked Tubby Foofoo into the cozy little nest it made. He curled around and immediately went to sleep. She drove to town, shopped for groceries, brought a Coke to her sister at work. Fellow customers, former co-workers, friends, and strangers all got peeks into the purse/nest. Tubby Foofoo didn’t seem to care.