Dixie? Annie? Lucy? Josie? Bebe? We haven’t picked a name yet for the new farmcollie pup. She’s 7 weeks old and just arrived at the farm yesterday evening. She’s met the livestock and is only intimidated by the guineas, the rooster gangs, and Speedy, the mama hen. No shame there, even the 80 lb. English Shepherd steers clear of Mama Speedy and her brood. Miss Puppy-Without-A-Name joined me and the 3 grown farmcollies for a long walk through the woods and fields, then snuggled up with me for a nice long nap. Life is good.

Many, many thanks to Clark, who picked up our little girl in Texas on the way back to college Sunday. Thanks also go to the guys in #14 for letting her spend the night at their apartment while she waited for her ride to the farm.
Photo by LauraP