Some birds don’t have enough sense to come in out of the rain. When the rain becomes an ice storm, bad things happen to dumb birds. Earlier this month, I went to bed knowing nasty weather was headed our way. I’d made all reasonable preparations and moved the livestock and poultry to shelter. This rooster apparently didn’t like the company, so he later returned to his favorite roost in front of the house. I found him at daybreak, looking like this.

The weight of the ice on his head and neck feathers made it impossible for him to raise his head, but he was alive and trying. I wrapped him in a towel and moved him to the bathtub. A few careful whacks with a tablespoon broke up the worst of the ice coating his feathers so he could lift his head. The rest melted quickly in the warm room. I let him stay in for a couple hours until he was dry and happily crowing. Do you know how LOUD a rooster sounds in a small room?

Mr. Ice continues to roost nightly on the fence near my front door, through rain, snow, and bitter wind. I doubt he’s learned his lesson.