We’ve had quite a lot of rain lately, which created much more run-off than our little creek usually carries. A lot of debris washed down from the woods, and a couple trees that have been leaning over the embankment fell right in. Branches caught on fallen logs, new and old, and the mess piled up overnight into a series of natural dams like the one above.

They’re not pretty, but I’m resisting the urge to tidy up the creekbed for a more photo-friendly view. The ugly dams are an efficient natural method of slowing the current, which eases the erosion of the fragile banks. I care about that because one of those eroding banks is right next to the field road that connects the house and barnyard area with the back fields. If it washes out too far, I won’t be able to get the truck through. That would be inconvenient since we occasionally drive the 95-year-old aunt back there to see the wildflowers. The fence needs fixing now and then, too, and that’s a lot further than I want to carry a roll of wire, posts, and various tools. Call me lazy, but I’d rather haul them in the truck.