Sure, they’re friendly now. A few hours ago, when I added the gosling to the brooder, the 3 ducklings freaked. Eeek! Gigantor! It took them half an hour to work up the nerve to check him (her?) out – aka peck his head. That’s how ducklings get acquainted, peck, peck, nibble. Guess they discovered the gosling’s a big mass of warm – great for snuggling.

The American Buff gosling (in the middle, in case you haven’t figured out which one is Gigantor) hatched out sometime in the night in the incubator. The two ducklings are in their second day. One has black feet, which means one parent was one of our three Cayugas. The other is probably a Golden Cascade. There’s a third yellow duckling wandering around nearby – a Pekin or Pekin cross. It’s a whole 6 hours older than the others and too busy being a duckling to pose for a picture.