Yesterday I eased the pickup down the driveway.  The feed bins were empty, and I could no longer put off the trip to the feed store.   Here’s what I found at the end of the driveway — bare mud on the road.  What a beautiful sight!  I like mud.

Mud means thawing.  Thawing means warmer.  In January, warm is good.

I saw a lot of mud on the drive to and from town.  I stayed warm, too,  even my feet, which seem to be perpetually cold this time of year.


This morning, as I look out my window, I still see a lot of snow.  The yard and the woods beyond are completely covered, and it’ll take more than one warm day to change that.   Out in the barnyard, though, the mud’s taking over.

That’s okay, I like mud.  Mostly.  Except when I get my truck stuck in it.

January thaw means we get to clean the barn.  I means checking the orchard and the strawberry beds, looking for spots where the overnight freeze & thaw cycles caused frost heaves.  We’ll prune the fruit trees, add extra protection to roots exposed by the frost heaves, and grumble about wildlife damage.  A good thaw also means I have the time and energy to notice what’s happening beyond the farm’s fencelines and to share what’s been going on here at The Land of Moo.

Tune in tomorrow for details.