Finally the big day rolled around for the real reason we came to Alabama.


We came to see my son in this handsome suit . . .


And to welcome our new daughter-in-law to the family.

There was cake.


Very pretty, very tasty carrot pumpkin cake. Guests were served generous portions. I split mine with the caffeine crazed daughter. I’d have gotten a whole piece, but she saved me from myself.

Then it was time to return home, face the snow, and get on with real life. We already suspected it had snowed again while we were gone, and the forecast included still more. The last six hours of the return trip were a tense drive through blowing snow. We made it home safely, though. The cats purred with welcome. The dogs bounced with joy. The cows mooed. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.) All the animals fared well in our absence, thanks to young M, who lives nearby and trekked over twice a day to feed and water. For a couple of days, life was good, though cold. And then I got sick. Not horribly ill, but queasy and grumpy and there was only one package of crackers in the house. I ate them.


Then I made more crackers. I got better. And life was good again.