While I was looking through the digital photos on my hard drive, I came across a couple of photos I took on the way home from my son’s wedding.


I’d say it’s a Southern thing, but I know a few people in the Midwest who’d put the National Bird Dog Museum under the must-see column on their vacation lists if they were traveling through Alabama.


They’d probably take a sidetrip to the Coon Dog Cemetery, too.   We might on our next trip down that way.   I knew some magnificent coon dogs in my youth, though my role in their lives was more along the lines of providing food and water the morning after the hunt.  Still, I have a certain respect for the traditions of coon hunters associations, and there’s something to be said about visiting hallowed ground where the best of the best are honored at the end of their days.   Even if we don’t take that sidetrip, I know I’ll smile when I pass that bit of Southern culture again.

Gotta say though, my all-time favorite highways sign is still one close to home.