The lack of updates here at The Land of Moo might lead one to believe I’ve been wallowing in grief over the demise of my beloved old Blue.  Not so.  He is missed, of course, but we’re pragmatic here on the farm about such things.  Life’s circle continues.  There are hatchlings to be nurtured, pregnancies to be monitored, and endless list of chores to be done.

The real reason for my absence online is I’ve needed rest.

First there were the months of not feeling well, then the surgery.   I’m feeling better now, perhaps better than I’ve felt in years.  Still, I tire easily and must not lift more than 15 pounds.  There are other restrictions, too, but the details are boring, and I don’t mind them so much since the result is I’m excused for now from much of the housework and the more unpleasant barnyard tasks.


I’ve let the big garden go fallow.


Weeds have taken over the strawberry bed beside the greenhouse, and that’s all right for now.


Seed pods from the last of the spring garden’s bounty are drying among the summer weeds.   The potatoes in the kitchen garden are ready to dig, and so is are the bunching onions and garlic.  A few tomato plants are thriving under a shade cloth in the greenhouse, but they are the sum total of our summer garden this year.  Soon, as my energy levels revive, I’ll begin planting the fall garden.


For now, though, it’s enough to simply watch the dragonflies . . .


. . . and wait for the raspberries to ripen . . .


. . . to count the wild plums on the tall bushes near the driveway . . .


. . . and marvel at the explosion of elder flowers in the patch of elderberry bushes I planted three years ago.

Life is good.