Tag: fire

Still burning

We’re calling this the volcano tree. It ‘erupted’ this afternoon while I was crossing my neighbor’s pasture to check on a couple of hot spots left from Tuesday’s fire. I heard a loud crackling and...

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Inside the fire

Peeking inside the hollow base…actually, it glowed a lot brighter, but the camera’s flash changed the lighting enough to make the ash on the hot embers...

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Wildfire thoughts

This clearing is just across the creek from the house, maybe 150 feet away. It was all on fire when I arrived home from errands Tuesday afternoon. Fortunately a neighbor had already called the fire department, and they arrived...

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Next door

Looking northeast from the tall tree stand, across my neighbor’s pasture. He lost his hay, fenceposts, a retaining wall, and a few months use of the pasture while it recovers. The cattle pastured there escaped...

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Burnt oak grove

West of the house, several acres of mature oaks border a tiny creek. That section now looks like this. The healthy trees should be fine, and I’m sure the undergrowth will recover nicely. Right now though, every step...

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