Snapping turtles: sharing the road

Out here in the boonies, it’s common to see box turtles crossing the road.  Now and then I happen upon a damp, dirty snapping turtle crossing ground in search of a different water hole — hopefully not one where my...


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Butcher block maintenance time

The Genius Husband bought this sturdy old butcher block table some ten years ago at a school auction.  It was, he thought, an ideal place to put the 20 quart Hobart mixer I used for mixing larger batches of soap.   He sanded...



Baby’s Here!

The week before Thanksgiving, Rosie the pregnant Jersey cow exhibited symptoms that made us worry about  another premature birth. So we moved her to the barnyard where she could bask in the afternoon sunlight and spend her...

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Getting older

I wanted to write something profound, funny, pithy, and wise to explain my long absence from this blog.  Unfortunately, I’m not having a profound, funny, pithy, or wise season.  I’m simply feeling old and grumpy....

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The mowing crew

The grass along the driveway was getting a bit tall, so I called the mowing crew.  They come pretty fast most of the time.  I just open the gate and yell ‘cow’ a few times. We’re a family friendly workplace. ...

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