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Serious tractor time

Years ago, whoever farmed this land built a wall of sorts to protect the bank of this small, spring-fed creek and an old, stone lined farm well that once stood nearby.   In time, the stones tumbled and many washed away or were...

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Tough Old Hedge Posts

Old fences of hedge posts and rusted barbed wire mark some of the pasture boundaries here at the farm.  We have newer fences, too, some with metal posts and wire that’s maybe a decade old.  Others have been repaired and...

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She’s not a lamb now

A year ago today, Tiny Bottle Lamb weighed about 7 pounds. She still slept indoors in the playpen and followed me around outdoors like a puppy. She still sucked fingers when she was hungry. She hadn’t yet learned how to cross a creek, even a very little one.

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