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Finally, it’s spring

We’re weeks past the Vernal Equinox, but it’s only in the last few days that I’ve been convinced that spring truly has arrived.  I’ve learned not to trust calendar dates or average frost dates.  Instead,...

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Tree skeletons

The woods here are greening.  In the understory the wild rose bushes, buckbrush, and honeysuckle vines are leafing out.  The willows and elms already have tiny leaves, and even the buds on the oaks are swelling.  Oddly, these...

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Still burning

We’re calling this the volcano tree. It ‘erupted’ this afternoon while I was crossing my neighbor’s pasture to check on a couple of hot spots left from Tuesday’s fire. I heard a loud crackling and...

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Grandfather oak

This big old post oak straddles a fenceline between two small pastures. Right now, the wire gate is open, allowing free egress. I love the oak’s shape, the untidy cluster of thick branches, some worn-out, damaged and...

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