Lamb Chops and the rest of the herd are celebrating with a day of grazing out in the orchard . . . as soon as I take them out to the orchard.



Ingrid, the American Buff goose,  and her snowy white Embden companions heard the news that I’m making a special trip today, and they’re stalking around, honking about it.



I’m driving an hour south to another farm to pick up more of these.  The breeder I’m visiting has a flock of American Buff geese unrelated to our own small flock, and I’m excited about the opportunity to acquire the outside genetics.  The breeder also will give me lessons in sexing geese, even the hatchlings.  That’s a useful skill.  



After I get back, I’ll wander through the woods looking for more morels.


A nice batch of morels simmered in butter will make a nice accompaniment for whatever’s for dinner.



Oh, and I’ll dine next to these lovely roses the genius husband brought me for my birthday, which really is today on Earth Day.  We’re not going to talk about how old I am.  Let’s just say that I’ve been around a while longer than the current wave of Earth Day celebrations, and that it took two vases to hold a rose for every year of my total.