When the winter wind chases me indoors, and the sky outside the window remains gray and gloomy, I need to daydream.  Memories of lambs frolicking  under sunny skies won’t stop today’s shivers, but at least I can smile through them.   So today I’ll think about my farmcollie Freckles and his devoted caretaking, and I’ll think about Tiny Lamb, who’s not so tiny and cute these days.   In fact, she’s quite the brat.

Aaaack!  Mood spoiler!


Quick!  Think about ducklings!  Cute peeping ducklings, swimming about in the tub, diving, peeping, pooping . . . growing up . . . hopping into the sheep trough . . . swimming and  . . .

Aaack!  Mood spoiler!  Excuse me while I go scrub out the sheep trough and move it out of duck range.


While I’m scrubbing, I’ll think about spring and mushrooms.  Mmmmm.  Morels.


I’ll think about green grass, blue skies, delicate wisps of clouds, and gentle breezes.  Warm breezes.

Life is good again in daydream land.