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The mowing crew

The grass along the driveway was getting a bit tall, so I called the mowing crew.  They come pretty fast most of the time.  I just open the gate and yell ‘cow’ a few times. We’re a family friendly workplace. ...

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A short strange cow tale

There I was, wandering around in the pasture, checking every tall stand of grass and cluster of brush for the day-old calf that was hiding somewhere out there in the pasture. And I saw this . . . Rosie apparently had a bad...

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A Little Rain, Another Big Mess

We had a little flooding problem here at the farm — not the kind that washes away houses and highways.  The driveway and some fences are a bit worse for wear, though. This dirt path to the little creek is now a gravel...

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Just a little bit of snow

Mother Nature played quite a prank on us Saturday, which was the Vernal Equinox aka the first day of spring.   We got nine, or ten, or twelve inches of snow, depending on who in the neighborhood you asked and how many spots they...

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Alien cattle

Somewhere there’s an alien cow barn missing a calf. Look, the alien calf’s big sister came to visit, too. It’s an alien cow family reunion. P.S.  Don’t take your camera flash to the barn.  Just...

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New Year’s Eve Musings

I’ve been spending a lot of time with the Jersey cow and her preemie calf. When viewed from the side, Rosie looks pretty good. At this angle, she still looks very pregnant. Or very fat. Whatever you call it, she’s still huge. I worried about bloat. I dreamed one night that by some freak chance she had another calf in there, still growing and biding its time until it could emerge like some alien space creature with big teeth and a raging, carnivore appetite.

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When Snow Falls

When the snow covers the ground in a deep blanket of white, my world narrows.   The occasional traffic on our narrow gravel road dwindles to none.  An entire day passes without a single set of wheel tracks disturbing the snow. I...

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