Another sign of spring’s approach – flats of seedlings growing under lights.  On the left are tiny petunia seedlings, which can be a challenge to grow.  I start with pelleted seed, which is more expensive, but worth it since I get much better results.  Pelleted seeds are covered with a coating that dissolves in water.  The pellets are still small but are much more manageable than the tiny, dustlike seeds.   The bigger seedlings on the right are geraniums, and they were seeded the same day as the petunias.  I’ll transplant the geraniums into 6-packs or small pots in a few days.  The petunias still are sprouting, so I’ll leave them in the current cell-pack for a while longer.


The seedling on the far left is a new variety of vinca that I’m growing.  It’s supposed to do well in hanging pots.  We’ll see.


Look at those thick, healthy stems.  I love growing my geraniums from seed.  They’re not difficult, but they do tie up space under the plant lights for a long time.  I started all the seedlings in this flat the first week of February, and that’s later than I like.    Growing in another flat are broccoli, cabbage, kale, and early tomato seedlings.