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Basic Bread 101 – Part Two

Part One of Basic Bread 101 ended with the bread dough rising in a well-oiled bowl.  An hour and a half later, the dough has doubled, and it’s time to punch it down.   I start with a nice punch to the center, then allow...

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Basic Bread 101 – Part One

I learned about breadmaking as a child, watching grandmothers, great aunts, and my mother.  All the women in our family made bread, though some more than others.    Basic white breads were a staple, as were hot rolls, cinnamon...

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Living on bread

It’s no secret that I love bread.  I could live on bread.  Probably.  Definitely.    I love to make it, eat it, write about it, and I love to smell it . . . oh my goodness, nothing in this world smells better than freshly...

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