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Frost thoughts

Every time there’s a frost advisory in the forecast I pick all the roses in bloom.  Just in case.   If I didn’t, and I woke up to find the blossoms frost-kissed, browning, spilling their ruined petals on the ground ....

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Late frost

Last night we had a hard frost, and it nipped a few tender plants and blossoms. As the sun eased over the horizon, I trudged out to the orchard, camera in hand to document the damage. The warmth of the morning sunlight already...

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Another hard frost

Frosty mornings are more the rule than the exception at last. It’s been an unusually arm fall here. That’s been nice, considering how much settling in I’ve left to do here at the farm. Today the projected high...

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Frost perspectives

When I went first went outside, the frost covered the entire pasture. Half an hour later, the only frost remaining was in the long shadows cast by the treetops. This created an interesting striped effect across the pasture,...

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