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Babies everywhere I turn

Someone asked me recently how many chickens I have.  I could only guess. In winter, I take a nightly headcount of all the birds during evening chores.  Now?  A headcount is practically impossible with so many free-ranging...

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A Little Rain, Another Big Mess

We had a little flooding problem here at the farm — not the kind that washes away houses and highways.  The driveway and some fences are a bit worse for wear, though. This dirt path to the little creek is now a gravel...

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Always Together

After spending five months together in the womb, the twins are accustomed to togetherness. They stand together, move in tandem, and are rarely more than a foot or two apart when they’re out in the big, wide world....

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New Faces on the Farm

The mamas here at the farm have been busily adding to the livestock numbers.   Nona, a very shy ewe, presented us with twin lambs.  She’s a first-time mother, but managed the birth and cleanup duties quite well.  The...

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More twins

I found these two under a cedar tree at dusk Saturday.  That’s Lamb Chops on the left.  He weighed in at 7 3/4 pounds.  He’s more than double his twin’s weight.  We’re calling the little one on the right Tiny since she’s only 3...

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Twin lambs

This morning as I settled into position for the morning milking, I heard new voices complaining in the stall across the barn aisle. Hmm. Interesting. My sleep brain hadn’t yet grasped the significance when a scuffle began....

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