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Grrr . . . yip!

Dinah – age 9 weeks – taking a break from helping me around the house to subdue a wild, unruly old hair band. She’s an American Working Farmcollie from the same line as our Bebe. She’s met all the...

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Today’s lesson

Today Bebe encountered her first snapping turtle. I spotted this one crossing the grass near the kitchen garden and hurried inside for the camera, hoping the dogs wouldn’t notice it until I returned. No such luck. Blue and...

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Six months

Bebe’s six months old and has been bigger than Blue, the aussie, for a while. She excels at breaking up rooster fights, protecting the poultry, and sorting them at night to keep those bully bachelor roosters out of the...

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The evidence

After studying the clues, I’ve determined that the poor, innocent puppy was lured onto the treacherous, snow dusted swimming pool ice by Callie, the conniving calico cat. The cat exited through the railing on the far side...

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Another hard frost

Frosty mornings are more the rule than the exception at last. It’s been an unusually arm fall here. That’s been nice, considering how much settling in I’ve left to do here at the farm. Today the projected high...

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Puppy names?

Dixie? Annie? Lucy? Josie? Bebe? We haven’t picked a name yet for the new farmcollie pup. She’s 7 weeks old and just arrived at the farm yesterday evening. She’s met the livestock and is only intimidated by the...

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