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Bonus garden seedlings

Every good seedsman tests his stock for germination before offering it for sale.  Most gardeners who save their own seeds or carry over purchased seed from previous years perform germination tests, too, well before planting time...

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Spring seedlings

Another sign of spring’s approach – flats of seedlings growing under lights.  On the left are tiny petunia seedlings, which can be a challenge to grow.  I start with pelleted seed, which is more expensive, but worth...

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Happy little seedlings

They were happy and healthy until the blister beetles came along and chowed down on them. Then the ducks chowed down on the blister beetles…and anything else that looked yummy. Just another challenge in the life of a...

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Day’s end at the pond

Tonight’s sunset provided the perfect close to a great day. Warm breezes, sunny skies, temperatures in the mid-60s, a perfect day for planting. We got the last two bundles of seedlings from the conservation department...

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