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Bad hair days

Tiny, the bottle lamb, is grown up now and having hair issues.  Actually, she has a lot more issues than just her bad haircut, but that’s a story for another day. A year ago, Tiny was a fat, spoiled lamb.  Most days she...

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She’s not a lamb now

A year ago today, Tiny Bottle Lamb weighed about 7 pounds. She still slept indoors in the playpen and followed me around outdoors like a puppy. She still sucked fingers when she was hungry. She hadn’t yet learned how to cross a creek, even a very little one.

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Tiny borrows a jacket

Here’s what a spoiled rotten house lamb wears for playtime in the barnyard on a cold morning.  Tiny likes the red flannel ‘coat’ with its black trim and faux fleece lining.   It has velcro closures at the chest and belly, and...

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Tiny takes a walk

Tiny, the bottle lamb, took her first stroll outdoors late yesterday.  At first, she stayed close to Dinah, the black farmcollie who’s adopted her.  Dinah watched her like a nervous mama, too, and gently nudged her out the front...

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More twins

I found these two under a cedar tree at dusk Saturday.  That’s Lamb Chops on the left.  He weighed in at 7 3/4 pounds.  He’s more than double his twin’s weight.  We’re calling the little one on the right Tiny since she’s only 3...

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