Life’s been busy lately.  Too much to do, not enough hours in the day, or enough energy to speed through the to-do list at the pace I moved in my 20s.  Or my 30s.   Sometimes I get so caught up in keeping up that I lose track of the flow of nature as the seasons progress. 



Yesterday I took a couple of hours to wander around the back 40 to check the condition of the pasture and see how close the wild blackberries were to ripening.  I found enough ripe ones for a nice snack.  Maybe there will be enough for a cobbler later this week.



I checked out the wildflowers and the bugs crawling around on the wildflowers . . .



and admired the dewdrops on the persimmon leaves.





The gooseberries at the edge of the woods looked ready to pick.  There was a nice mix of large, plump green ones with the deep purple ripe ones on this bunch.  The ripe ones have a more pleasant taste, but I’d think a mix of ripe and green would make a tasty juice for jelly.   I’ve never gathered enough for a full batch.  I tend to eat most of the ripe ones while I’m wandering about, and the others get tossed into a bag of mixed berries in the freezer.   Summer jam – yum!



I was so caught up in admiring the flowers, bugs, and berries that I nearly forgot to look up.  The dogs flushed a buzzard out of the brush, though, and as I watched it take flight I noticed the clouds.  Don’t they look a bit like they’re painted across the sky with quick, careless brush strokes?