Boot Biter Goose and her nesting partner announce the hatching of three goslings.


They’re hiding under the parent geese right now.  We actually don’t know which goose is the mama.  These two have nested together for weeks, and they’re sharing parenting duties equally.

The humans on the farm risked life and limb to assess the condition of the goslings and the unhatched eggs still in the nests, and to secure a head count of the wee ones, who are still too wobble-legged to venture out much anyway.  The parents were fiercely defensive, and trust me when I say the goose-goose song had no impact whatsoever.  Don’t mess with the Mothers Goose.  Those mamas are fierce with their hissing and boot biting.  Only boots, though — all bare flesh was spared.  This time.

If we did have photos,  they’d look something like this:


Except with just three goslings.  ‘Cause we only have three.  Last time we checked.  (Resisting . . . resisting the urge to run out to the shed and check again.)