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That calf’s not right

Several weeks ago we noticed something odd about Cocoa, the preemie calf.  Take a look at that face. Look a little closer.  Note the underbite and the exposed teeth. It’s not a huge underbite, but it definitely affects...

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Just a little bit of snow

Mother Nature played quite a prank on us Saturday, which was the Vernal Equinox aka the first day of spring.   We got nine, or ten, or twelve inches of snow, depending on who in the neighborhood you asked and how many spots they...

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Alien cattle

Somewhere there’s an alien cow barn missing a calf. Look, the alien calf’s big sister came to visit, too. It’s an alien cow family reunion. P.S.  Don’t take your camera flash to the barn.  Just...

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When Snow Falls

When the snow covers the ground in a deep blanket of white, my world narrows.   The occasional traffic on our narrow gravel road dwindles to none.  An entire day passes without a single set of wheel tracks disturbing the snow. I...

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Bathroom confessions

Remember what I said a few days ago?  That I brought a bovine into the bathroom? It’s true.  Today I’ve included the proof in photos for those who can’t believe any sane woman would bring farm animals into the house. Hmm, let me rephrase that.  Today I’ve included the proof in photos that I brought […]

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Meet Cocoa

Cocoa came into our lives on a bitterly cold morning when the wind gusted  through the trees and chilled every living creature to the bone.  Weeks premature, she seemed barely alive when I found her.  She’s stronger now,...

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