A couple weeks ago, we got three dump truck loads of gravel for driveway repairs.  Two loads were base rock, which packs well, but doesn’t slide out of the dump truck so evenly.   With the genius husband away for a few days, I had two choices.  Let him level the mess when he got back.  Or do it myself.


More rain was moving in, and moisture makes that base rock settle and harden into a nice solid layer.   So I got started, even though I’d never done this before.  I knew in theory how it’s done, and I took my time and concentrated really hard.


You can see how hard I’m concentrating, right?


Apparently I think better with my tongue sticking out.


My tractor maneuvers were extra precise because my tongue was sticking out.


I got it all smoothed out in a couple of hours.  Thanks to my tongue sticking out.

I was really thirsty when I finished though.